Tuesday Tunes - Lose Yourself

Last night when I was trying to squeeze in my 25 minutes, my favorite song came up in my iTunes playlist. I thought, hmm, I should share the music I listen to while I run. I'll also include the BPM so you can see if it will work in your running. Not sure how the two correlate? Read this article to learn more. Curious about the BPM of your favorite song? I use this website.

Song: Lose Yourself
Artist: Eminem
Album: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile
BPM: 86

I am not a rap fan. I am definitely not an Eminem fan. But this song will forever be in my running playlist. Why? Because this was the first time it happened for me. I got my first runner's high during this song.

It was about 3 months into my Couch to 5K class at the community center. I had attended a Good Form Running class that recommended getting my cadence a bit higher. I chose this song because my goal was 160 at the time so I was choosing songs that were either half 160 or near that. Half I figured I could double it up and near that I could keep pace. I saw this listed somewhere as a great song to run to, so I gave it a shot.

I liked the lyrics mostly at first. I had felt all of the fear and anxiety about trying to run that he describes in the song about trying to make it in the music industry. I felt that if I could lose myself in the music, I too could be victorious. I listened to that song for 3 weeks on my playlist. I was still plagued with struggling for breath while I ran. (Three months and I was still struggling folks. I tell you it is a slow journey for us with fibromyalgia.)

Then it happened. I was running past the small gym at my community center that is right off the track. The lyric "there's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti" played and all of a sudden I could breathe easy. My legs felt like they could run for years. I probably had the goofiest smile on my face. Stupid as it sounds, I felt like Eminem himself was cheering me on.

Then the fire alarm went off. I didn't want the feeling to end so I went outside to run. It was cool and I wasn't used to the chill in the air and I lost the feeling. By then it was ok, because I felt like "the world is mine for the taking."


  1. Fort Minor ~ Remember the Name is a great song to run too also!!

  2. Carrie - I love it. Especially the lines in the chorus "Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
    Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain" That seems to describe running for me!