Solitary Run

The indoor track I normally run on was scheduled to be closed yesterday. I was sad because I was going to have to drive 10 extra miles to go to my back up track. On a school/work night, that is never fun. Luckily, I got word from a fellow Sole Sister that the track was indeed open. Happy Day!

I got to the track hot and sweaty. The AC went out on my car and it was 107 yesterday! I climbed the stairs to the track and started in. There was only one other runner on the track and I didn't recognize her.

I started thinking about me being there alone. I probably would have never been there even 4 months ago alone. When I would run alone, I found that I was so worried about what everyone thought of me that I could never find a groove. I would take walk breaks every 5 minutes or so.

Last night was different.

I was there for me. I felt strong. I was thinking about some of the new friends I made on a private group on Facebook for people who are fighting fibromyalgia. Their stories inspired me when I started getting tired. I reflected on how lucky I am that the medicine I take allows me to get stronger and healthier.

Before I knew it, time was up. My head was clear and I felt good that I ran the whole time, sang a few songs, and could breathe.

Sometimes you need that time alone to remember how lucky you are.

What do you think about during solitary moments?

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