Mock Me All You'd Like

Today I was laughed at. I was running along a fairly large street and some guys leaned their head out and shouted something at me and started laughing. I guess I didn't look like a runner or I was going too slow, but something in their tiny lizard brains made them shout at me and laugh.

It stung for all of 45 seconds. Then I remembered how far I had come. I know where I am going and it's ok. My heroes in life have all been mocked, so I am in good company.

They don't know where I started, so to see me running so slow must have registered in their brain as something that needed mocking. On the flip side, I don't know the struggles that led them to be the type of jerks who lean out windows and mock people. It's not right, but whatever. It doesn't hurt me. I still ran my 2.25 miles and I won't remember them when I get that finishers medal.

What are your thoughts? Should I have shouted back, flipped them off or taken their truck number down and reported them to their employer? (All three crossed my mind at some point in that 45 seconds.)

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