Tuesday Tunes - I Got A Feeling

Song: I Got A Feeling
Artist: The Black Eyed Peas
Album: The E.N.D
BPM: 91

This song always motivates me. Not because Oprah staged that massive flash mob. This song is special because this was played quite a bit when I did the Dirty Girl Run in 2012. Two ladies from the office asked me to join them. After lots of doubt, I signed up. 

We met early on a fall morning. I was so nervous about running with people from work. I had only been running for 5 months and wasn't sure I could keep up with a Cross Fitter and a Yoga guru. (You know who you are ladies!) 

We got to the start waiting for our group to be called. As we waited this song played, and played, and then played again. Finally we decided to start early and we were off. The first obstacle was a large inflatable. I did it! That gave me the confidence to keep going. I climbed over walls and under mud cargo nets. Sure I got tangled up and may have slightly hyperventilated when I climbed the huge cargo net mountain, but I did it and didn't get hurt.

Sometimes just not hurting yourself is a win. 

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