Getting Ready for a Run

This weekend I will be running in a 5K race. It is the same race that I ran last year as my first 5K. My time last year was 45:29. Since then, I have run a 5K in 39:16. So my goal is 37:30.

I have so many emotions. I am excited about the prospect of setting a new PR. I am scared about not doing better than last year's time. I am nervous about my body behaving properly. I am anxious because right after my run, I have to jump in my car and drive to my daughter's cross country race 1/2 way across town.

I am trying to calm myself down but nothing is working. I added some new music to my running playlist. I have been hydrating up. I am eating only healthy foods. My clothes are washed. My shoes are broken in.

I keep telling my brain I am ready, but for some reason my stomach is not getting the message.

Neither are my shaking legs.


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