Racing and Training

Great news, I got a new PR at my race a few weekends back! For all you speedy runners, it will seem painfully slow, but I am super proud. 39:00 on the dot. I was hoping to get 37:30, but I am happy with the time. It is over 6 minutes off last year's time, so can I really complain?

The following weekend I did the Komen run with my hubby. My family was there walking, so we ran and then walked back to where they were. My goal for this race was to start slow and not let the excitement of the day make me run faster than 13:00 a mile. I want to finish my half-marathon in January strong, so I am thinking early pacing will be key. Yep that didn't happen. The Runkeeper lady voice kept telling me I was going faster than that. *Sigh* I'll just have to sign up for another race to practice! :-)

Training has been going well. I am sticking pretty closely to my Phoenix Fit training. Some weeks I have to do my long runs with my hubby instead of the club which is kind of a bummer. But it's usually because I get to watch my daughter race in her cross country meets. That is a good thing, so it all balances out.

This past Saturday morning's run was 6 miles at South Mountain. Yup, hills. I was so nervous all week long. I even bit my fingernails. A bad habit I hadn't done in years!

The elevation gain was 550 ft total. The hills were pretty rolling and at one point, I am pretty sure I was running backwards! But I finished the workout in 1:24:01. That was 2:39 faster than the previous week's 6 mile run that only had an total elevation gain of 203 ft. So I call that a win.

Even more impressive is that I was running late on Saturday morning and forgot to take my medication. I am not going to lie, I panicked a bit when I realized this. Once I got running though, I was fine. I took it when I got home because Lyrica is one of those medicines you aren't supposed to skip.

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