Getting My Runs In

My schedule preparing for this race is pretty easy. We do our long runs on Saturday morning and maintenance runs through the week. Right now it's three times a week for about 30 minutes a pop. Easy right?

It seems like it would be a no-brainer. However, in reality, it is proving harder than I thought.

I used to run indoors at the community center where I took my first running class. Even though the track is lined in Nike Grind, lately it's been killing my knees. I have been taking to the great outdoors.

For those of you in more temperate climates, you are thinking "What's the problem?" I don't live in a temperate climate for 9 months out of the year. I live in the scorching desert. Which means runs have to happen early in the morning or after dark. Early in the morning is my preferred time, but I don't like running alone before 6:00 AM. Night is equally difficult because of my kids sports.


I have been taking to the treadmill. Probably not the most taxing workout, but it doesn't have the sharp turns and jarring surface. This makes the knees happy. j

Treadmills do have one horrible feature: the clock. Ugg, I hate knowing how long I have been working out. I like it to be a nice surprise that it's over. Today I will take a towel to drape over the clock. And hopefully something good will be on TBS.

I haven't skipped any runs yet. Hopefully the treadmill will keep me going long enough to get to cooler temperatures.

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