Still running...

It's hard to start up again after a year off, but I am recommitting myself to a new goal and I think this would be a great way to keep myself motivated. More about that another day. I am still thinking about how to best get there.

In the mean time, I have just been keeping going.

During the summer I ran the Arizona Road Racer's Summer Series. 5 Races during the Phoenix summer are not for the faint of heart. Despite wanting to quit during the Fourth of July Four Miler when humidity was at 65% and the temp was 89. But I powered through.

Ran a 10K at elevation without getting acclimated. First time I came in dead last in a race. (Life is about all the experiences, right?)

Started half marathon training again. Got to see beautiful things like this.

Got a 5K PR at the Hot Chocolate Run. And equally important, got hot chocolate!

This fall my husband and I ran the Las Vegas Rock and Roll marathon.

Then I kept running. And we did the Arizona Rock and Roll again.

Running with health issues is not always easy, but I realize I need to keep going.

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  1. Ok, just typed a comment, hit enter and it asked me to sign in, so don't know if it posted my comment or not.....Anyway, wanted to say WAY TO GO!! I am signed up for a half-marathon through Team In Training and that will mark my re-entry into running again. Good for you for tackling this, this is a big deal! Way to go!!