Half-marathon...squeaking through it!

I ran the two halfs this past winter that I promised myself. Here is the picture of me and my hubby after the PF Chang's race.
Hubby, me and my Dad
The Rock and Roll race is really fun! The support is amazing and the crowds really get you through the tough times.
After that race I was super done with running. But I couldn't rest because I had another race to do.

I laced up and kept going until race number two was done.

Number two was harder. Smaller race. Virtually no crowds. Just me and the miles. This was much harder, but again, I made a promise to myself to get it done. So I did. My dad was at the finish again.

Neither race was fast by any stretch, just over three hours for both. But I did it.

I dedicated both races to those who for whatever reason can't run themselves.

This was a lifesaver. There were times when I felt like I couldn't go on and I just looked down at my arm. It's really easy for me to run for someone else. I just told myself, "Well, you can run one mile for Amy." And I did. 

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